• Research suggests that children should receive 25-40 hours of intensive early intervention per week. While this may seem like an extraordinary amount of time for a child, this intensity of intervention has been shown to be the most effective in addressing the needs of children. 

    Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Parent involvement is an essential component of an effective ABA program.


    RUBI Autism network has created a parent training program that is cost effective and skill based.

    Parents who have participated in Parent Training:


    • Saw a 48% decrease in irritability, social withdrawal, stereotypy, hyperactivity, and inappropriate behavior

    • Report a 55% decrease in non-compliant behavior



  • Research shows that children who receive intensive early intervention services are more likely to have improved long-term outcomes. These services can maximize their learning potential by addressing communication, play, problem behaviors and overall skill development from a very early age.

    In Home & Community Services

  • Appleseeds Behavioral Center is excited to begin offering Speech and Occupational Therapy this winter! Our team is committed to providing comprehensive therapeutic services to the Autism community in Georgia. 

    Enrollment is now OPEN!

    Speech & Occupational 

  • Part of Appleseeds Behavioral Center's mission is to provide a supportive environment for families. Check out our events tab for more information on Support Groups, Respite Care, and Community Events.


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