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The A-Team

Join a team that makes a difference! 
Every little detail of our work, everyday, adds up to something that will amaze you. This is not a place to coast. You will solve real problems. You will be inspired by the intensity, and you will constantly step it up. 
You will be proud of the impact you have. And have fun while doing so!

Jaelyn, BCBA

Why We're Great >


I love Appleseeds because it has taught me to never stop learning, to embrace every challenge, and to always celebrate success, no matter how small!

Nate, RBT

Why We're Great >


Passion and being a part of something bigger than myself is what drives me. Knowing that I have the opportunity to unlock the potential of a child is a gift I can never give up!

Amber, BCaBA

Why We're Great >


Sometimes life brings you to a place by chance but you stay by choice. I have fallen in love with this place and the kids I get to work with.

Emmie, Team Manager

Why We're Great >


It is a privilege to come to the Seeds every day knowing that our work is giving kids the best shot at being their best selves. 

Molly, BCaBA

Why We're Great >


Knowing I have played a small part in a child's development is the highlight of my job!!!

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