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6. During this period I was dealing with a friend in Germany and he had at his studio some AFVs. Mig Jimenez, the Dutch Master of AFV's, kindly put together the "Know How of AFV's" in this form of "book". But there was so much information that we questions on: 0.8) I am building an M47. What is the difference between the thick and thin lines that I have seen in the book? Why the M47 has a much thinner looking line? What is the main difference in terms of the workmanship? Before we start, we are going to have a look at the main topics covered in this book and then we will get into the questions. Mig Jimenez's AFV Books AFV Painting Techniques book The following is an extract from the AFV Painting Techniques book, if you want more information, you can click on the pdf button below to download the book. Some AFVs have hollow hulls, the M47, for example, is different. This is due to the shape of the inner tank. The armor plates are also thinner than the ones of the M1 Abrams for example. These are the main differences. If you have read my book about Tanks and Armored Vehicles You will know that I am mostly painting these vehicles in two coats of primer and two coats of base colors. For the base colors I use thin lines and for the primer I use thick lines. I guess that this book will help you understand the basic techniques. I have tried to put together what I have learned through the years, but to be honest, I have not looked into the different details discussion AFV Painting Techniques book 9. I have read the previous book. What are the differences? The previous book covers more than 2 decades of techniques to know how. This book covers the first 10 years of the last 20 years and we don't lose some of the good and interesting techniques in the process. We include many videos. We have 10 tutorials on various subjects. Mig Jimenez has also used a lot of advice from fellow modellers. The book was printed in the Netherlands and all the illustrations were done in the Netherlands as well. 10. I see that they are doing a lot of smaller scale? Yes, very much so. We have started by painting some of the various specifications of the M1 Abrams tank, we have moved on to the M1A