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What is a BCBA?

We love our BCBAs but a lot of people don’t know what that even means!

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts at Appleseeds supervise our BCaBAs (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts) and RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians) that work 1:1 with children with Autism. They are qualified to figure out what is causing a behavior and how to change that behavior! It seems simple but it takes a lot of research and knowledge! 🤓

BCBAs can work in so many other environments outside of Autism! To learn more about other career paths, check out Chief Motivating Officers to learn about OBM (Organizational Behavior Management).

We hope to see more talented individuals enter the field of ABA!

We also hope you will reinforce our attention seeking behavior and “Love” this post! 💜


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