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A Piece of Hope Blog: Journey of an Autism Diagnosis

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

February 27, 2017 is a day I will never forget.

I always knew something was “different” about Joseph, but couldn’t quit figure it out. I started researching ADHD and Autism. Joseph had already been diagnosed with SPD, so it wasn’t totally crazy for the ADHD or Autism to be paired with the SPD. So off to Marcus we went and found out Joseph not only has cystic fibrosis, SPD, but Autism. But now what? My head was spinning. I cried. I was mad. I was frustrated. I was happy. I could now get answers and the help he so desperately needed. When leaving Marcus they handed me the folder with all the information for the county I lived in. With a packet in hand and three scripts for OT, speech and ABA...I started the “now what? Journey.” I called several places. I knew I wanted OT and Speech to be at the same place. But what was ABA and how did it fit into this new diagnosis? Oh and what about insurance coverage? The next three months were filled with evaluations, paperwork, more evaluations, copies of this and that, and research. Researching how to parent my child, how to help others understand him, and how to get him through the next few years of life.

I used the recommendations of Marcus, Autism Speaks, and various other random websites to aid in my sons new diagnosis.

Once I received the official 17 page document telling me all about my son, I made sure to follow all the directions and recommendations of the doctor. I was going to make sure my child got the services he needed. I contacted the school and immediately started the paperwork for an FBA. I wanted a positive support plan in place immediately. He was finally involved in OT and speech and they were working on fine motor skills and conversational speech. And wow what a difference. We also got started ABA. And holy moly, they’re amazing. I will say all of these therapies have been a game changer in Joseph’s everyday life.

Getting Joseph involved in all the therapies are overwhelming, but rewarding. The improvements he has made is amazing. I feel like following the directions of the doctors are key in Joseph’s success. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to parent different. Love your child and this journey you are on, because one things for’s a huge blessing. Just wait and see.


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