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Meet the A-Team: Courtney Classroom Aide

Meet Courtney!

She is a classroom Aide at Appleseeds Behavioral Center. She has a very special story at the Seeds! She was our very first intern from Kennesaw State University's Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth! This program is the largest inclusive post-secondary education in Georgia. After she graduated, she joined the A-Team! We love having her at the Seeds! There is no one that loves the kids and helping them succeed more than Courtney! Thanks for sharing your story!

Here at Appleseeds, we believe if you are going to "talk the talk" you have to "walk the walk". We always push for inclusion and acceptance for our students. We proudly employ individuals with Autism and disabilities. We are proud to say 10% of our current team members have a diagnosis of Autism or a related disorder.


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